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"Morgan 4/4 Book"
Morgan 4/4: The First 75 Years

"Morgan 4/4 Book"
Brooklands Ultimate
Portfolio 1991-2009

Morgan +4 & 4/4
Ultimate Portfolio 1936-1967
Road tests, history, tech. data, model intros, long-term reports, development, performance, competition. Models covered: Plus 4 Plus, + 4, 4/4, II, III, IV, V. A total of 216 illustrated pages with 24 in full colour

Morgan, Malvern, & Motoring
By Webb

Morgan Exploration by Miller

Morgan the Heritage Years. PDF review of this fine new book

Morgan Three-Wheeler
The Complete Story By Peter Miller "...offers detailed information on every model and type...this well-illustrated book will appeal to all enthusiasts for pre-war light and sporting cars"

Morgan Three-Wheeler
Gold Portfolio 1910-1952
70 articles which include track and road tests, specs, history, touring and buying used. Covers Aero. Super-Sports, Family, JAP, Anzani, Matchless, Ford engines. 180 pgs., over 300 illus. Sftbd

Morgan Four Owner's Workshop Manual & 'Buying' Portfolio 1936-81 This workshop manual covers: Climax, Standard, Ford & Triumph engines, fuel & cooling systems, ignition, transmission, clutch, gearboxes & more.

Performance Plus TraditionBy Jonathan Wood. Haynes Classic Makes Series.
"This enthusiasts' guide, illustrated with stunning colour photography plus rare archive images, includes a history of the marque, buying tips, driving impressions and
technical specifications."

The Rare Ones: By John Sheally II An in-depth history of the +4+. All 26 chassis numbers with their dispatch information included. 103 pages, color and b&w

Plus Four Handbook

+8 Owners Handbook

4/4 Owners Manual

Clothing and Accessories

"Sheepskin Jacket"

Sheepskin Jacket




"Ladies Silk Scarf Cream"

Beige on White Ladies Silk Scarf

"Ladies Silk Scarf Blue"

Blue on White Ladies Silk Scarf

"Ladies Silk Scarf Pink"

Pink on White Ladies Silk Scarf


"Morgan Centenary T's"

Morgan Centenary T's

"Wye Valley Brewery T"

Wye Valley Brewery T

Black Morgan T-shirt

Black Morgan T-Shirt


"Sweatshirt with Outline"

Sweatshirts With Outline
Maroon, Green, Cream, Black, Sizes S-XXL

"T-shirts with Outline"

T-Shirt With Outline
Black, Forest Green, Navy, Fuchsia,, Sizes S,M,L,XL,XXL

"Polo shirts"

Polo Shirt With Outline
Black, Maroon, Green, Navy, Sizes S,M,L,XL,XXL


"Tshirt with Script"

T-Shirt With Script
Navy OnlyPerfect for summer weather


"Polo shirt"

Polo Shirt with Wings
Black,White, Green, Maroon, Navy

Sun Morgan T-shirt

Bright 3-Wheeler Morgan T-shirt

Morgan Script with Blue Car T-shirt

Morgan Script with Blue Car T-shirt

"3 Wheel T-shirt"

3 Wheeler T-Shirt

Centenery T-Shirt
Grey (black no longer available)



"Baseball caps"

Baseball Cap
Forest Green

"Baseball caps"

Baseball Cap with Morgan Script

Fleece Blanket with Strap

Morgan Mug

White China Morgan Mug

Morgan China Mug

Super Coffee Mug, Cream with Either Blue or Green Morgan Wings Logo


"Handmade Book Cover"
Handmade 1 DVD
The Making of a Morgan, is the definitive visual account of a how a Morgan sports car was made in the late Eighties. See a Trailer.

Handmade 2 DVD Officially approved by the Morgan Motor Co, this DVD looks at how the Aero 8 is built alongside the traditional cars combining the skills of Morgan's craftsmen with the latest automobile innovations. Its the story of how the Malvern Link company has changed from making cars that owe their origin to the 1930's to producing one of the advanced sports cars in the world. See a Trailer. Running time: 55 minutes

Morgan Thermometer

Morgan Car Thermometer


Morgan Pad Block Printed on all 4 sides. Morgan logo printed on each page.

Verona Lead Crystal Whisky Glass Morgan logo laser engraved

Fridge Magnet